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Leave Brittany Alooooooooone. No, really. The overall internet world was pretty “omg Glee, stop selling out to big stars” about Britney/Brittany, but I found the random references, songs, and overall amazingness that is Brittany S. Pierce pretty great last night.

Favorite Moments of “Britney/Brittany”:

* UNCLE JESSE IS BACK EVERYBODY. I really hope that he gets to sing next week. I love that he makes Emma be more relaxed — mixing red grapes and green grapes in the same bowl! Letting her hair get windblown in his convertible! I will admit that his introduction to the Glee kids was beyond random — really, Will? That’s the best way you could think of to check out the competition? And if he was an actual dentist I would be concerned about those drugs he is handing out that makes you hallucinate Britney Spears. But still. Uncle Freaking Jesse!

* Favorite Song of the Episode: Tie between Baby One More Time and Stronger. Stronger actually advanced Artie’s plotline, and was a fun take on the song. But Baby One More Time was a nostalgia explosion, recreating my favorite music video in 4th grade basically shot for shot. So it kind of wins.

* Small Jokes that made me laugh a lot: Rachel’s post-dentist David-After-Dentist-esque comment; Sue’s snap that Will had more vests than the cast of Blossom; Emma’s crack about Will’s Toxic outfit reminding her of KIDS Incorporated; Santana’s reference to the Leave Britney Aloooone kid

* Speaking of Santana, I really love her more each week. She is SO mean, and it’s SO funny. “It’s a way better look than before, where you were dressing up as a very dark, specific Japanese businessman fetish” HA.

* I don’t really understand why Kurt was in so much trouble this episode for wanting to do Britney, or why he was SO adamant about it. Ok, he totally needed to go to the principal for freaking out on Mr. Shue (their teacher after all) but the rest of it? Confusing.

* Can I just stop and say, again, that I love and adore all that is crazy Teri? I seriously love her and the havoc she wreaks on the other people on this show. I’m glad she came back for a totally bitch-tastic confrontation with Will, and I hope she’s back for the rest of the season. Seriously. LOVE HER.

* While Rachel has turned up the annoying levels to 11 lately, I still actually liked the relationship twists they threw she and Finn in this episode. I was actually really worried when she pressured him about football that they were going to just break up, basically nullifying an entire season of build up to them dating in just under two episodes. Thank goodness they are letting them play out just a little bit longer, at least. Plus it meant that Rachel got a really belt-y romance song at the end, and she sure can close an episode.

* Ok, so. Brittany. I was worried that it would be too much, but she was awesome! Plus we got to see more of her very strong dance skills, which is a plus. And the quotes! Oh, how I wish I’d have written them down, but then, this whole post would be Brittany quips. My favs Brittany moments:

“This room looks like that one spaceship where I was probed.”

Demanding all the solos, because Britney made her realize how awesome she is.

“It’s like a puffy Jewish cloud” (re Jacob Ben Israel’s hair)

* The Britney Spears Sex Riot was a funny gag, but they made Jacob Ben Israel a little bit too much this episode. It was just…way too over the top to the point of creeping me out. Like actually creeping me out, not just “oh, that character is being totally creepy right now.” Legit creepy. *shudder*

* Actual Britney appearances were funny (especially her in the Cheerios uniform) but probably not necessary honestly. It was great that they could get her, but we didn’t need to see Madonna either for it to be a great episode. Her good breath comment in Brittany’s dream was hilarious though.

Well, that’s it! Next week, it looks like they’re bouncing back from funny, gimmicky celebrity episode to a Kurt/Kurt’s Dad episode guaranteed to make you cry buckets of tears. If Mike O’Malley is actually dead next week, I will be SO furious. That is all.

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