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“That’s just I want, to be Topanga’s boyfriend. And then we can name our children Chewbacca and Plankton.” — Cory Matthews (Season 1, Ep 13)

Due to the demand of (two!) readers, the TGIF Friday posts are returning! And of course I’m kicking it off again with a Boy Meets World quote.

This is in part a celebration of the fact that they have FINALLY started releasing the later seasons of Boy Meets World on DVD (Season 4 came out at Christmas, 5 is due in May…)

It is also partially because — as older readers and anyone who knows me & my sister knows — Boy Meets World is our absolute favorite TGIF series. The amount of time Bug & I spend carrying out conversations that subsist on the use of Boy Meets World quotes is seriously insane.

There was news a week or so back that TeenNick (formerly called The N, also known as the American Home of Degrassi) is going to start airing a two-hour block of their old favorites like Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains it All. ABC has also come out saying they are contemplating a return to the TGIF Friday lineup, albeit with all new shows, not the TGIF gems of the 90s.

Still, one can only hope they may decided to follow suit eventually. Maybe on Saturdays? Or at least more thoroughly on DVD.

Here’s the start of the episode for all those looking for some TGIF video distractions:

Anyway, Happy TGIF everyone! It’s almost spring (it officially arrives this Sunday), so here’s to sunny days and pretty flowers.

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