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As anyone who knows me, or has been following this blog for even the smallest amount of time knows – I am a huge Disney buff. Movies, TV, theme parks, history…no topic is unwelcome. I especially like to learn about the man himself – Walt Disney (he was the topic of a minimum of 3 of my biography projects in school over the years).

Walt Disney Family Museum

Well on my parent’s last trip up to San Francisco, my mom went to the Walt Disney Family Museum and brought me back the documentary Walt: the Man Behind the Myth and the accompanying book! Surprisingly I had NOT purchased this myself on my trip to the museum in 2009 so I was very excited to watch yet another documentary on my favorite historical figure. (In writing this post, I also realized I hadn’t been blogging back in 2009, so maybe I’ll post about my trip to the museum soon!)


While the documentary spends a lot of time on his various career achievements, it spends equal time discussing his family life – growing up in Marceline, interviews with this daughters about what he was like as a father etc… I especially appreciate the documentary’s ability to discuss ALL aspects of his personality – as the title suggests this is about the man BEHIND the myth.


The accompanying book is a great little coffee table book as well – a somewhat condensed version of the events of the film.


I definitely recommend both to any avid Disney fan, or really to anyone wanting to learn more about Walt Disney. You don’t even need to go to the museum (though I HIGHLY recommend going in person) – both the book and DVD are available in their online store.

*Just in case – I was not paid for this mini-review and my mom got me both items! I just like talking about things that I enjoy in case others find them enjoyable as well.

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While I was on vacation this summer, I read a book called Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street, and it’s like that book has rekindled a Muppet obsession I didn’t even know I had.

I mean, I watched the Muppets growing up — Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, The Muppet Babies, Muppet Treasure Island, etc etc but while I obviously liked the Muppets, they weren’t super integral to my life. I was never Miss Piggy for Halloween, and for a long period of time I kind of just…forgot about them in general. Though I do remember this one episode of Muppet Babies that taught me about animation:

Reading an entire book, however — about all the hard work that went into creating such a groundbreaking children’s show like Sesame Street, and how that paved the way for Jim Henson to break a barrier in puppetry and go on to create other series (like the edgier Muppet Show and movies like The Dark Crystal) has made me a total Muppet geek.

Side Note: Do Muppet/Jim Henson fans have a go-to phrase to define themselves, like Potter-heads and TwiHards and the like? Just wondering.

Anyway, Exhibit A of Muppet Obsession, a new member of my home:

Exhibit B: I kind of want to be a Muppet for Halloween now.

Exhibit C: How can you not like this video?!

Exhibit D: They just came out with Muppet Silly Bands, and I almost want to drive to Disneyland for the sole purpose of getting them.

All slight joking aside, it really is an interesting book, especially for those who either have a fondness for cute stuffed creatures or learning about the television industry. Plus it was the first substantial book I read on my iPad, and it was awesome!

Kermit and I highly recommend it.

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For finally, finally, FINALLY finishing your children’s series, The Unicorn Chronicles.

It was one of my favorite series, along with Nancy Drew and about a million other things. I started reading this series in probably 2nd grade. Or at least I thought it was going to be a series. It said “Book 1” at the top, and he spoke of how excited he was to start a series like the one he was creating with The Unicorn Chronicles.

I loved that book. An epic “family” feud between the Hunters (also their last name) and the unicorns in a fanciful world that a young girl named Cara jumps to through a portal from the real world when she and her grandmother were attempting to escape the Hunters. Full of great action and funny characters with funnier names, I re-read it a lot — it was practically falling apart. I patiently awaited Book 2.

Book 2 came out 10 years after Book 1. Ten. YEARS.

At this point it wasn’t as challenging a read as it was when I was 7, but I still enjoyed the story and world Mr. Coville created.

3 years or so later — Book THREE!

And now, finally, as I was roaming the shelves of The Grove’s Barnes & Noble a fine Sunday afternoon, there was Book 4: The Last Hunt (and final book in the series, according to the introductory acknowledgements) sitting in the New Releases in the Children’s Section.

I caved.

Never could resist an interesting story, regardless of supposed “age limits”. I’ll let you know how it is!! 😉

*In other blog news — due to me continuously forgetting to sync my phone and clear up space so I can edit some video of my trip…the next posts in my Adventures in Maui series have obviously been delayed. Look for some hula/luau fun in the coming days.

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