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It seems that wisdom teeth removal (ouch!) and a relaxing trip home for Christmas has been just what I needed to drive me back into the blogosphere.

Looking at my last post I am utterly mortified I dropped off for so long – in fact, I’ll be amazed if ANYONE is still here right now to see this!

I went from woefully bored with unemployment and completely uninspired, to getting a wonderful job that has kept me SO busy (along with an extended family visit) I barely had time to think about it.

But what better time to jump back in than the holidays?! That’s when all the best storied and picture taking takes place anyway.

To tide you over til I get together the photos from some recent events (Thanksgiving wasn’t THAT far away, right?) here’s a couple of pics from, well, WAY too long ago in Internet-time.

Midnight Screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


Bug & I at Disney’s D23 Expo back in August (Wreck it Ralph is the next feature coming from Walt Disney Animation)


The 4 chefs for Thanksgiving in LA this year (starting new traditions with good food and fabulous aprons)


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It has been a busy Christmas break here in North Carolina! Things are finally calming down coming up though, so I am hoping to use some of this time to update everyone with all the Cullen family holiday fun we’ve been having.

Of course, what dry-spell blogging-wise from me doesn’t start with computer issues of some kind? I actually brought my puppy Gracie home for Christmas too, but that meant “NO OTHER CARRY-ON ITEMS” just a personal one. I was a little hesitant to push them on it, because I wanted to make sure I definitely got on the flight no problems, so I only brought a purse and checked one bag…which made it a little difficult to bring the host of electronics I normally travel with for a long trip.

No laptop meant no iPhoto and easy upload to Flickr, Facebook etc… I was going to use my parents’ computer but it’s actually incredibly full right now so until I help clean it up, it doesn’t exactly have a lot of space for the 900+ pictures I’ve taken lately and was hoping to share.

So, this lovely New Year’s Eve Day (which is actually kind of warm, considering the snow and all that we’ve been getting down here) I’m planning on getting everything sorted out 🙂

The first week of the New Year will be all-new posts about these past couple of weeks, and maybe some New Year’s Resolutions, if I get around to seriously making some.

Here’s a sneak peak though — anyone guess where this is? :

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Sigh…just when I think I’m getting back on the blogging horse, there I go off the wagon again. Let’s not talk about the mixed metaphors in that sentence (though they are, at least, both western themed?)

I have two full functional tales of adventure for you. A mini-Disney reunion, and a student film festival extravaganza! Alas, my computer decided you don’t get to look at them right now. Because it decided to eat my iPhoto library.

Well, not literally eat. The photos are all intact on my computer (thank goodness! I would not be alive right now if I lost over 24,000 pictures) but iPhoto simply would not open and let me access them. And it was a holiday weekend, so spending a ton of time on it was not really in the cards. Apparently I need to consider hosting my photos on Flickr or something as well, for situations like this. I don’t even have that many pictures to go with each, but they just felt incomplete without them, so I held off.

Luckily, a makeshift compromise between me and my mac has been made, and I’m going to post them tonight with the pictures they were intended to have!

Maybe George (my mac) is mad because I made him all girly:

via TheDarkMonkey etsy shop

Oops? Anyway, look for those tonight, and Glee recap tomorrow! Yay Glee!

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