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It’s true: I’m twenty-four years old today. Quite the big girl, at least I like to think so most of the time.

While being, well, OLD (relatively speaking) certainly has it’s advantages, it has definitely meant a decline in ridiuclous(ly AWESOME) theme parties. My family was/is hugely into themed birthday parties.

Like this one:


Actual photo-of-a-photo of my 6th (5th? 7th?) Birthday Party


Minnie Mouse Tea Party shenanigans

These are nothing compared to my baby sister’s birthday party one year, in which we transformed the entire basement into the Hundred Acre Woods.

I certainly knew how to party before I was old enough to party, that’s for sure.

This year, I rang in #24 by watching my favorite movie:

Tonight, the celebration will continue with a fun dinner.

Plus, one is NEVER too old for cake:

Made by yours truly

I hope everyone else has just as splendid a day as I plan on having!

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Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!

Not only is it Earth Day today — a day when one is reminded to reduce, reuse, recycle and save baby animals, but it is also the birthday of Disney’s Animal Kingdom! DAK (as some of us ex-Cast Member crazy people refer to it) is 12 years old today. I was working there the day it turned 9, and I remember it being fun — there were some behind-the-scenes events for those who worked there, and we all got cards about DAK’s birthday with seeds embedded, so you could plant the cards and get a garden. Until I worked there, I was definitely not an environmentally friendly as I try to be now. When you are surrounded by conservation messages and endangered animals, and recycling bins ever 5 feet, it’s kind of hard to have it not rub off on you. Now, not being able to easily find a recycling bin will drive me up a wall in about 2 seconds, and I end up carrying around empty soda cans or water bottles until I find one.

For all it’s big-corporation-ness (because, as we know, Disney is HUGE) I think they do a pretty astounding job with spreading “Environmentality” as they call it, an idea they developed from way back when Walt was alive and they did the True Life Adventures series. They’ve resurected the True Life Adventures concept with Disneynature — a new branch that realeased Earth last year and Oceans this year (TODAY!)

Going the first week in theaters donates part of the ticket price to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, which was very prevalent at Animal Kingdom too, with donation buttons EVERYWHERE.

The cool kids over on the Disney Parks Blog have some facts about the amount of conservation they do at the parks and resorts, and the numbers are pretty astounding. Animal Kingdom is also accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for their work in education, conservation and research, and they have incredibly successful breeding programs — most notably white rhinos, giraffes and elephants.

Hope everyone has a happy Earth Day! I may not spend all day spouting off animal facts at work anymore, but I’ll be refilling my water bottle, and keeping the lights off.

In celebration, here are a couple pictures from my days saving baby elephants from poachers and telling people to SIT DOWN WHILE WE’RE DRIVING OVER THE CROCODILE BRIDGE.

One of the female lions at Kilimanjaro Safaris

Jambo! (Hi!) Have a good two-week safari!

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Birthdays always make me want to sing the Very Merry Unbirthday song, even though it’s for UN-birthdays and not actual birthdays.

It was my birthday yesterday! I turned 23, which makes the baby in my office, but feeling OLD elsewhere in my life. I’m a great great grandbig in my Greek family for goodness’ sake!

Upsides to yesterday:

I wore a skirt and my new favorite elephant necklace.

My sister got me the complete series of Sex and the City on DVD, so we all know what I’ll be doing in my spare time for the next month or so.

My coworker got me a really cool book about my favorite topic.

Disney! What else, seriously?

Everyone at work also surprised me with a delicious ice cream cake that I forgot to take a picture of/probably wouldn’t have had time anyway because ice cream cakes melt!!

LOST was new. And I secretly (or not so secretly) love the Sun storylines, so I enjoyed last night.

Downside to yesterday:

I couldn’t go to Disneyland because I have a grown up girl life now. Boo.

I forgot that Paul McCartney was playing at the Hollywood Bowl last night and it took me TWO HOURS to get home. 8 miles. TWO HOURS. This post is now also a reminder to not go my usual way home because he is playing again tonight AND it looks like there will be a premiere at a theater on Hollywood Blvd based on blockades meaning it would probably take me THREE HOURS to get home tonight. No thank you.


TODAY is my daddy’s birthday! As I mentioned previously, my whole family has birthdays close to each other so that has always been fun.

He is spending it with my family in Disney World — they are in Animal Kingdom today!

Blue Monorail Mickey and I hope they’re having lots of fun.

Say hi to the baby giraffes for us!!

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