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Sketchy Times

I’ve been a bit slow in posts again the past few days, because I have a couple of video (!!) post ideas that I’ve been working on, and it is taking me longer to get them edited and look how I want than I anticipated. Isn’t that how it is with all projects? Or maybe that is just the classic school-project-procrastinator in me talking.

Anyway, I’ve been so excited to write/post them that I haven’t been able to think of anything ELSE to write about.

I HAVE  been sketching and painting some in the evenings though, and so I thought I’d share my attempts at capturing some of the characters from Disney’s upcoming Tangled. I may or may not have verbally squealed when I saw the drawing book at Michael’s. I’ve never really used watercolors before, but after I started seeing a ton of sketches on Pixarian (is that a word?)  Chris Chua’s blog, I decided I’d like to try it out. I’ve actually been following a lot of Pixar employees on twitter lately (how I found Chris’ sketches in the first place) and it is annoying how interesting and talented they all are.

Anyway, sketches!! :



A "Pub Thug" whose name I forget at the moment

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Stress Reliever

I’m not entirely sure of the cause, but I can tell I’m getting stressed about something going on lately. I’ve been excessively tired the past few days. I can feel myself sort of clenching my teeth, and occasionally my jaw hurts when I wake up. Both of those can also be affected by caffeine, but I’ve really been working to limit myself to on average 1 caffeinated beverage a day (sometimes 0, very occasionally 2), so I don’t think that’s really the issue.

I’ve been working on a couple of ways to unwind, though, that have definitely been helping a little bit.

My very good friend from college, Arden, was huge on manicures, especially during “talky” tv shows (i.e. Gilmore Girls) where you didn’t have to necessarily WATCH the show (like you do for, say, Lost, especially) to enjoy it. So, extra Fall-esque manicure it is!

I’ve also started sketching pretty regularly again, which was always a favorite hobby of mine growing up, and something that fell by the wayside (which I’ve talked about some before). As I’ve mentioned before though, nothing makes me happier at a Disney park than doing an art class at the Magic of Animation (a carousel is a close #2) so I’m glad I’m getting back into it, much like this blog partially started as a kick in the pants to write more. Some recent sketches:

Office Doodles...

...More Office Doodles

Ariel sketch

A more detailed sketch - Ariel!

Between these little things, a renewed effort to work out, and a bubble bath in my future, I’m hoping I get out of this funk soon! Grey’s Anatomy should help tonight too! And maybe I’ll dig out more of my old drawing books … 🙂

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