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The more I see about Disney’s upcoming animated feature Tangled the more excited I get.

The trailer may seem a little on the boy-ish side, but it certainly looks fun! And I love Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore!!) swinging from the tree by her hair shouting “BEST.DAY.EVEERRR!”

Then, I had lunch one day over at Walt Disney Feature Animation (well, actually the commissary in the ABC building) and got a quick tour before leaving. Even hints that you have a camera are not allowed in that building, but WOW! there was some cool Tangled artwork around in the main corridors. Which must mean the things behind the “no entry beyond this sign without producer approval” sign must really be exciting.

Actually, while I was there, I also saw: someone working on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie while watching soccer in the lounge, more cool Pooh art, the office where John Lassiter sits (!!!), and…

GLEN KEANE. He’s the directing animator of Tangled, but he also created Ariel and animated the Beast and Aladdin (among many other things). If it wasn’t just a random run-in at the security desk, I would’ve said hi, but I felt like the situation made me seem too much like a squealing fan.

Anyway, back to Tangled. A new featurette is what really got me excited about this film — it seems to really be blending the best of traditional 2D fairytale worlds (ie: Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) with the more modernish look of CGI and a more modern humor.

See for yourself why I’m super hyped for Tangled, and can’t wait for November!

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With the success of Toy Story 3 at the box office lately (yay!) I’ve found myself in quite a few discussions asking me to rank, rate or discuss the myriad animated sequels (Disney, Pixar, and etc) out there.

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Sequels in general are a tricky thing, but with a few exceptions, while I want to like animated sequels more than I innately want to like live action sequels, I rarely actually do enjoy them. No offense, but when you even have to stop numbering your sequels in an effort to keep attention away from the fact that your on #20 (looking at YOU Land Before Time series) you should know you have a problem.

I think the problem is that animated films tend to wrap up a lot of their loose ends by the end of the film — I know Cinderella and Prince Charming ¬†end up together and the evil stepmother gets zilch, so why do I need to see what happens after that? That may be not the best example, because I actually kinda enjoyed Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, but I digress. More so than Indiana Jones, Back to The Future, etc, it just seems like they were fine on their own — I (and definitely the kids watching) have decent imaginations. Let us make up more if we want to, on our own time. I do think they can work (see list below), often there just isn’t enough of an effort to find original plot twists or new endearing characters after the happily-ever-after. It’s all about story, people, not how many times I can see Ariel fight a sea witch.

There has been the rare sequel you’ll find me watching though. For anyone interested, here’s my actually-tolerable-kinda-enjoyable sequels, and at the other end of the spectrum the what-were-they-thinking.


Toy Story 3

Toy Story 2 (Pixar, you haven’t let me down yet!)

The Return of Jafar (the very first of the animated sequels hubbub)

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas

Cinderella III

Tinker Bell (surprisingly cute, and technically a sequel to Peter Pan)

Shrek 3 (borderline ok here…mostly just to show I’m not being a Disney snob)


Little Mermaid II (only good when Ariel is around…which isn’t long)

Pocahontas II (boring, no John Smith, and that Rolfe guy gave her small pox in real life…)

Hunchback of Notre Dame II (unnecessary.)

Lion King 1 1/2 (the epitome of make great funny characters completely unfunny)

Mulan II

Atlantis 2 (I’m sorry — I’m a fan of the first one, but there were really enough Atlantis lovers to warrant another one?)

All The Swan Princess sequels

I’m afraid Cars 2 might be ending up on this list too, sadly…

So what about you? Any other “this was secretly awesome” sequels out there? Anything I missed that makes you cry inside?

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