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I’ve been in an animal mood, what with my tale of evil ducks yesterday, and talking about the horrible Gulf Coast Oil Spill on Tuesday, and this quote from Eric of Boy Meets World (BMW! Woot!) both seemed fitting for the apparent theme of the week, and made me laugh. Here’s the whole thing, because the context makes it even funnier:

Eric: See, duckies are good, cuz not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed ’em crackers and you can ride ’em. See, duckies are the horsies of the ocean. No, I mean they are.
Cory: Okay, someone explain to me about duckies before I hit him with a spoon.
Amy Matthews: It’s wallpaper.
Topanga: It’s adorable.
Alan Matthews: It’s for you room.

So maybe, Jessica Simpson wasn’t confusing tuna with chicken…she was just mixing up her Boy Meets World quotes? (I hear crickets out there right now…sorry guys)

Anyway, because 1. IT’S FRIDAY 2. I had to go to the doctor to deal with a slight nasal situation today (I’ll spare you the details…but now I’m all headachey) and 3. I’m picking up Arden at the airport soon (!!!!) I think I’m just going to leave it with the funny quote, and the video I found that accompanies it (duckie action starts at 4:10) :

I plan on flooding my blog with fun pictures of my weekend adventures next week, but until then TGIF 🙂

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Cute Baby Duckie

Look at that cute little guy. What’s not to love? Baby ducks are fluffy, and follow each other around and like to eat food that you throw for them.

Go on, go home to your Mommy

So: baby ducks, adorable. Adult ducks, still kind of cute, and like to eat bread, too. So then, why do ducks make me skittish? This is the story that my parents swear up and down would win them the $100,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

When I was about 4, my family went on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. For those of you that don’t know, Colonial Williamsburg (right near the College of William and Mary) is the historic area of the town of Williamsburg, VA — a reinterpretation of a Colonial American city (early 1700’s) with tons of exhibits and reenactments. Basically a giant living history lesson, that is extra cool if you were a fan of the American Girl doll Felicity.

We were at the hotel one evening, and there was a big pond in a sprawling backyard. Apparently after I ate didn’t eat my grilled cheese sandwich at dinner, I wanted to go out back and feed the ducks that were living in said pond. There were a lot of ducks living in the pond — at least 50 20. I go up to edge and start throwing pieces of sandwich into the water. The ducks all start gathering at the edge that I’m at, trying to get pieces of bread — which, when there are a lot of ducks vying for a little sandwich, is probably no easy task. They are all quacking and eating, and I’m happily chucking my sandwich into the water.

Then, I run out of food.

I turn and start to walk back to wherever my parents were.

The ducks start quacking at me. They start GETTING OUT OF THE WATER and coming towards me.

Lots of ducks...hungry, hungry duckies, as it were.

I start shrieking. The ducks keep quacking. I start RUNNING. The ducks start WADDLING AFTER ME.

This is me, circa the time(ish) of this story. Please note the leash. hehe.

I start SCREAMING. Like the above picture, but scared instead of excited about the zoo. Also, running faster. The ducks WADDLE FASTER.

This continued until I made it to the patio, and the ducks lost interest (why, I have no idea).

My parents?? Spent the whole time laughing from the sidelines, wishing we owned a video camera so we would win AFHV.

So yea, ducks. Not my favorite thing. But sometimes adorable.

Happy Almost Friday!

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