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I hit an all-time nerd low (high??) this weekend. A friend and I headed down to Anaheim on Saturday, not (somewhat sadly) for another trip to the Happiest Place on Earth but to check out a mysterious entity known as a “comic-con”. It was our first time (unless you count my trip to the D23 Expo last fall…does that count? I’m thinking it counts for 1/3 or so) so we were prepared to not understand what was going on AT ALL.

As someone who casually enjoys the Big Bang Theory, anything Joss Whedon, and Star Wars, I knew basically what a Comic Con(vention) entails though — I’ve seen the movies and the TV episodes! I don’t really  know a lot about comics or anything sci-fi-ey (other than Star Wars) from the 70s/80s etc (which is what a large amount of it is)  so I wasn’t expecting to be totally excited/geeking out while there. My friend was in the same boat, so we were mostly going to look for Shannen Doherty (spotted!) and to see the costumes that we knew at least some of the event-goers would be wearing. We were not disappointed.

Some things we saw:

*The most recognizable costume-y thing to me was Star Wars, since I’d actually seen them all before. Stormtroopers, other Troopers etc. There were also a couple lightsaber organizations doing demonstrations (a 10 year old was kicking everyone’s butt) and an R2D2 builder’s group, which meant lots of beeping trashcan-sized robots.

Pretty much sums it all up right there.

Stormtrooper pictures are required, right?

*Random sights from favorite TV/Movies time!

Good band, better Boy Meets World episode

BACK TO THE FUTURE!! 88mph...zoooommmm

The Delorean was a sight for sore eyes – RIP Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios.

Yea, yea, he was there for Star Trek. But READING RAINBOW!!!

*Booth with the best/most repeatable/roll-off-the-tongue name:

Utilikilts - hands down best booth title we saw

*Apparently, I cannot go anywhere without running into something Disney-related.

Princess Tiana

3 of the most conversational, entertaining pirates I've ever met

We had at least a 30 minute conversation with the Pirates of the Caribbean (all part of Barbossa’s crew in the films), by far the most fun people we talked to all day. Though Bob Bergen (voice of Porky Pig, and the squirrel from The Emperor’s New Groove) was also cool, as were all the voice actors, actually. We were sort of surprised that they had a whole area all to themselves, but it was great because Tommy Pickles and Charlie and Sally Brown were just the people we were looking to talk to and it made them easy to find.

All in all, we stayed for a few hours — long enough to wander around and spot the celebs (Shannon Doherty, Christopher Knight, and Melinda Clarke from the OC among others) but not enough to get worn out on the idea and massive amounts of people there.

So instead we made the logical decision to go to Downtown Disney (more people and walking! ah!) across the street (basically) for dinner. I introduced my friend to the wonder that is The Rainforest Cafe where we promptly made the oh-so-wise decision of getting appetizers, entrees AND dessert.

Those warm mini donuts with chocolate/caramel sauce were good. The five pounds I gained just by looking at them, not so good.

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