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It’s true: I’m twenty-four years old today. Quite the big girl, at least I like to think so most of the time.

While being, well, OLD (relatively speaking) certainly has it’s advantages, it has definitely meant a decline in ridiuclous(ly AWESOME) theme parties. My family was/is hugely into themed birthday parties.

Like this one:


Actual photo-of-a-photo of my 6th (5th? 7th?) Birthday Party


Minnie Mouse Tea Party shenanigans

These are nothing compared to my baby sister’s birthday party one year, in which we transformed the entire basement into the Hundred Acre Woods.

I certainly knew how to party before I was old enough to party, that’s for sure.

This year, I rang in #24 by watching my favorite movie:

Tonight, the celebration will continue with a fun dinner.

Plus, one is NEVER too old for cake:

Made by yours truly

I hope everyone else has just as splendid a day as I plan on having!

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I’m trying my hardest to be a good “mommy” to Gracie. She gets fed the right amount, and twice a day, like she is supposed to. She always has plenty of water. I got her lots of colorful toys that make super obnoxious squeaky noises. Especially when she climbs on you and squeaks the toy in your ear. She has lots of rawhide-y things to chew on so she’ll stay away from furniture/walls/clothes/shoes/etc. She has space to run around in, and minus the need for a haircut (which she won’t let me do myself) she gets bathed when necessary.

The past week or so however, it’s a miracle I don’t lock her in a padded closet for the good of her/my sanity.

She has been driving me absolutely CRAZY after work lately. Potty training is a slow process with a new hyper-active puppy when I’m working a lot. I’m getting a more heavy duty “Pet Loo” grass potty system, because she lifts up the grass on the one she has and shreds the training pad underneath it. She then shreds the training pad in the kitchen that is there as a safety, since she pees on the kitchen floor otherwise. After she has shredded the training pads, she proceeds to pee all over the entire kitchen floor.

It’s great, really.

The barking has also been a problem lately too. This has been the drill lately: She does something bad, like pee on the floor. Then, she runs away from me, in really fast circles and around circular objects, so it takes forever for me to trap her and get her to chill out. Then I put her in time out in the kitchen.

And she proceeds to make me deaf.

I can’t decide if telling her no and just letting her bark til she realizes I’m not going to let her out is best, or if I should just tell her no, but let her out to save my eardrums. I’m thinking of getting her a shock collar until she gets the idea, because until we find time for puppy classes (soon, I think) I’m going to lose my mind otherwise.¬†She normally is a really good puppy. And I taught her sit pretty early, so she generally does that ok.

But for now she has become EVIL HIPPIE DEVIL DOG and she seriously needs to cut.that.out.

I’m not a fan of this toddler phase in puppies. Sheesh.

In other brief/more serious news, Eddie Carroll — the voice of Jiminy Cricket since 1973, passed away yesterday. I met him at the D23 Expo last fall and he seemed really nice. Sad to see yet another cultural icon go — seems to be happening too frequently lately. That “Rule of 3’s” is more like “Rule of 33’s”

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Things that happened yesterday, Easter Sunday.

1. I went to see Waking Sleeping Beauty. Yes, again. Don’t judge! There was a Q&A following the screening with director Don Hahn and producer Peter Schneider that was really interesting, informative and pretty frank (just like the documentary) about Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and others. They talked about how cooperative everyone was with the project, and how they like to think they created a really effective documentary that tells the story of the time, which I totally agree with. This is now the second time I’ve ranted about this documentary, but seriously it’s SO GOOD. I mean, there is talk of margaritas, and funny caricatures. What more do you need?

2. Did I mention that partway through the movie we had an earthquake? First, I thought someone kicked the back of my chair. Then I realized everyone was turning around wondering why the people behind them were kicking THEIR seats. Then I thought maybe they had decided to turn this documentary into a 4D feature and the moving floor was part of the show. Then as it slowed and stopped finally someone said “that was an earthquake. huh.” I’m glad we were all so absorbed in the movie that no one thought to leave for safety reasons. We are just that badass. Or giant nerds. Whichever.

3. After the movie, I came home to do the most fun thing ever: TAXES! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO. My mom was awesome and went over it with me on the phone (where it was getting kinda late honestly, stupid time zones!) and it surprisingly wasn’t too hard. Granted I was doing the 1040A and the whatever-the-equivalent-state-form-was which are like 3 pages each max. So it was manageable and now I’m done and can mail it out BEFORE crazy insane tax day go me!

Not procrastinating for once is actually kinda nice.

I should do it more often!!

… *crickets*


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