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I’ve decided I really want to try to keep up a 3-4 times a week pace on this blog, and have been building back up to that after a very weak summer. But after a weekend away I’m still in a “wow, I feel like nothing is going on right now!” kind of mood, and don’t have anything (until Glee tomorrow) to write a lengthy post on.

So, in the vein of two of my favorite bloggers: Katie at Marriage Confessions and the wonderful YA author Sarah Dessen, a LIST:

1. Despite looking like fall (at least, if we’re going by name of the month, and the decorations at Disneyland) it has been INSANELY hot in Los Angeles the past 3 or 4 days. All-time record breaking temperatures of 113, higher in the Valley (home sweet home) with the heat indexes. YIKES!

2. Speaking of Disneyland, I wore this t-shirt (below) there this weekend and at LEAST 8 different people, both cast member (aka, employee) and not, asked me if I was an Imagineer. When I tried to correct one cast member that, sadly no, I was not affiliated with Disney at this time, he then became convinced that I must be “good friends” with Wendy. Again, sadly no. I WISH I knew Wendy, or was an Imagineer, or could say in some way that I was back with the Mouse House. Maybe after person #3 I should have started agreeing with them. All the more reason to be continually pursuing my dreams and working on being able to say yes for real when the question arises in the future.

3. The reason I was down at Disney this weekend though, was for this:


A very good friend insisted that I go see his best friend Goofy and it could not have made for a more fun afternoon! It’s important to me to be able to support my friends in what they love whenever possible, even if it’s just going to visit THEIR friend for them ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. Speaking of clothes (um, and I was…up there…promise) I’m kind of loving this Tucker for Target top.

Photo on 2010-09-28 at 13.38 #2

I’m loving Target’s dedication to really cute fairly cheap designer clothes in general, actually. This should not, though, be a free reign for me to start shopping again more frequently. Please, friends (and internet buddies?) do NOT let me become a shopaholic again!

5. Finally, thanks to Tumblr (because I’m not on enough bloggy/social sites, obviously), I found this really great new sneak peak of Tangled, coming out this November. I think my intense excitement over this film is reaching epic Meet the Robinsons levels, which is feat because that film was the first Disney film I’d been excited about after dark years, plus it had a dinosaur in a tiny hat, PLUS it came out on my birthday while I was on the Disney College Program. So yea, basically I’m really excited for this, from the voice casting to the overall look of the film and just…everything, pretty much. Except the music, because I haven’t heard any of it yet.

There are definitely more in the way of what could be spoiler info (?) in this one, so be warned before you watch!

Ok, that’s all. Glee recap tomorrow! Britney/Brittany!!

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For finally, finally, FINALLY finishing your children’s series, The Unicorn Chronicles.

It was one of my favorite series, along with Nancy Drew and about a million other things. I started reading this series in probably 2nd grade. Or at least I thought it was going to be a series. It said “Book 1” at the top, and he spoke of how excited he was to start a series like the one he was creating with The Unicorn Chronicles.

I loved that book. An epic “family” feud between the Hunters (also their last name) and the unicorns in a fanciful world that a young girl named Cara jumps to through a portal from the real world when she and her grandmother were attempting to escape the Hunters. Full of great action and funny characters with funnier names, I re-read it a lot — it was practically falling apart. I patiently awaited Book 2.

Book 2 came out 10 years after Book 1. Ten. YEARS.

At this point it wasn’t as challenging a read as it was when I was 7, but I still enjoyed the story and world Mr. Coville created.

3 years or so later — Book THREE!

And now, finally, as I was roaming the shelves of The Grove’s Barnes & Noble a fine Sunday afternoon, there was Book 4: The Last Hunt (and final book in the series, according to the introductory acknowledgements) sitting in the New Releases in the Children’s Section.

I caved.

Never could resist an interesting story, regardless of supposed “age limits”. I’ll let you know how it is!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

*In other blog news — due to me continuously forgetting to sync my phone and clear up space so I can edit some video of my trip…the next posts in my Adventures in Maui series have obviously been delayed. Look for some hula/luau fun in the coming days.

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I’m trying my hardest to be a good “mommy” to Gracie. She gets fed the right amount, and twice a day, like she is supposed to. She always has plenty of water. I got her lots of colorful toys that make super obnoxious squeaky noises. Especially when she climbs on you and squeaks the toy in your ear. She has lots of rawhide-y things to chew on so she’ll stay away from furniture/walls/clothes/shoes/etc. She has space to run around in, and minus the need for a haircut (which she won’t let me do myself) she gets bathed when necessary.

The past week or so however, it’s a miracle I don’t lock her in a padded closet for the good of her/my sanity.

She has been driving me absolutely CRAZY after work lately. Potty training is a slow process with a new hyper-active puppy when I’m working a lot. I’m getting a more heavy duty “Pet Loo” grass potty system, because she lifts up the grass on the one she has and shreds the training pad underneath it. She then shreds the training pad in the kitchen that is there as a safety, since she pees on the kitchen floor otherwise. After she has shredded the training pads, she proceeds to pee all over the entire kitchen floor.

It’s great, really.

The barking has also been a problem lately too. This has been the drill lately: She does something bad, like pee on the floor. Then, she runs away from me, in really fast circles and around circular objects, so it takes forever for me to trap her and get her to chill out. Then I put her in time out in the kitchen.

And she proceeds to make me deaf.

I can’t decide if telling her no and just letting her bark til she realizes I’m not going to let her out is best, or if I should just tell her no, but let her out to save my eardrums. I’m thinking of getting her a shock collar until she gets the idea, because until we find time for puppy classes (soon, I think) I’m going to lose my mind otherwise.ย She normally is a really good puppy. And I taught her sit pretty early, so she generally does that ok.

But for now she has become EVIL HIPPIE DEVIL DOG and she seriously needs to cut.that.out.

I’m not a fan of this toddler phase in puppies. Sheesh.

In other brief/more serious news, Eddie Carroll — the voice of Jiminy Cricket since 1973, passed away yesterday. I met him at the D23 Expo last fall and he seemed really nice. Sad to see yet another cultural icon go — seems to be happening too frequently lately. That “Rule of 3’s” is more like “Rule of 33’s”

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