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I’m terrible at New Year’s Resolutions, just like basically everyone else on the planet. This is probably due to the combination of 1. not really putting a lot of effort into what I’m resolving to do (work out more! stop snacking so poorly! be…better in general!) and 2. putting ridiculous parameters on those goals (don’t just work out – do 3 different types of classes every week no matter how tired you are! buy super organic specially made and probably way-too-expensive snacks).

Enter my early January discovery of Lara Casey’s Making Things Happen in 2013 posts. (I linked to her most recent MTH post about Encouraging Others, and at the bottom of THAT post she links to all of the Making Things Happen posts from this year so they’re easy to find!)

I started a few days behind good ol’ January 1, but I’m LOVING the motivation her posts have given me to get my butt into gear this year (and not just exercise-wise, as the above examples may indicate). The basic premise is to help you come up with actionable goals instead of “resolutions”. I really like that a lot of the early “steps” involve a lot of reflection and writing out what did and didn’t work before, and there’s also a lot of WHY you want to change or continue on with different goals. And all of that is before you even START doing things.

This is true...but so hard for me to do! Definitely been working on it.

This is true…but so hard for me to do! Definitely been working on it.

Needless to say it’s taken me a little bit to get sorted out and organized -holy cow did the CLEARING THE CLUTTER step take me AGES since I’ve been a clutter bug for basically most of my life – but I’ve slowly started to work on more of the DOING stages of 2013. That includes working more on this poor, neglected little blog of mine (if anyone at all has stuck with me you’ll notice a few aesthetic changes, with hopefully some more tweaks down the line).

To help stay organized this year/keep better track of my goals, I also indulged in a bit of a nerdy splurge – Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner!

So pretty...

So pretty…

photo 2

Haven’t filled it with much yet, but I already LOVE it

I’m really trying to be more proactive and excited to try some new things this year and make myself a little bit better. I’ve definitely taken “progress not perfection” to heart and am trying to stop being so in my head and get out in some new adventures this year!

Here’s hoping to staying on this bandwagon throughout the year, and not tumbling off in like…a month πŸ˜‰

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It seems that wisdom teeth removal (ouch!) and a relaxing trip home for Christmas has been just what I needed to drive me back into the blogosphere.

Looking at my last post I am utterly mortified I dropped off for so long – in fact, I’ll be amazed if ANYONE is still here right now to see this!

I went from woefully bored with unemployment and completely uninspired, to getting a wonderful job that has kept me SO busy (along with an extended family visit) I barely had time to think about it.

But what better time to jump back in than the holidays?! That’s when all the best storied and picture taking takes place anyway.

To tide you over til I get together the photos from some recent events (Thanksgiving wasn’t THAT far away, right?) here’s a couple of pics from, well, WAY too long ago in Internet-time.

Midnight Screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


Bug & I at Disney’s D23 Expo back in August (Wreck it Ralph is the next feature coming from Walt Disney Animation)


The 4 chefs for Thanksgiving in LA this year (starting new traditions with good food and fabulous aprons)


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There’s nothing more heartwarming than a happy ending.

And today, the world watched while William and Kate (now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge!) got married, in a gorgeous ceremony. I, like many MANY others got up to watch it live, even though coverage startedΒ at 1 AM my time (the wedding wasn’t until 3). But I stayed awake all the way until the adorable double kiss!

My parents, on the other hand, are currently in Paris and got to watch at a normal hour. They’re bringing me a William & Catherine souvenir teacup from London next week though πŸ™‚

The Royal Wedding though! Eek!

I loved the trees inside Westminster Abbey — with the high ceilings it almost looked like they were outside for the ceremony! And the HATS. Oh, the hats — I want to buy a million different types of fascinators now. (Posh & Becks looked particularly fab, as far as guests go).

The real stunners though, were William & Catherine. William & Harry looked dashing (and William, exceedingly Fairytale Prince-like) and holy cow Catherine’s dress! She looked absolutely beautiful.

The Service

image via The British Monarchy flickr

They look SO happy!

Waving to the crowds

image via The British Monarch flickr

Catherine’s dress (designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen) definitely looks like it took some influence from Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, no?

In keeping with my TGIF theme on Fridays, and in honor of the Royal Wedding, here’s Cory & Topanga’s wedding from Boy Meets World:

Have a great Royal Wedding Day!

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