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In lieu of a TGIF post yesterday (or any post yesterday…oops!) and since it is Easter tomorrow, I thought I would share these nostalgic videos I found of the Walt Disney World Easter Parade (back when it was a full blown parade that was broadcast on TV, and not a 10 minute pre-parade like they’ve done the past couple of years).

The quality is a little…dated, and the sound is kind of off in the first one, but Happy Easter!!

I attempted baking and went on a Disney-related adventure earlier today, so look for those sometime this coming week, as well as some potential blog maintenance updates/enhancements (maybe…) !

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Cover of "The Quiet Man (Collector's Edit...

The Quiet Man (nowhere to be found on TV this year)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day — a joyous celebration of all things Irish…or if you live in America, most likely an excuse to pretend to be Irish and drink green beer.

But I digress.

Can you believe that TCM nor AMC, A&E or any other channel that is prone to play older films was playing The Quiet Man OR Darby O’Gill and the Little People today? (At least as of today around noon-ish when I started looking for televised ways to celebrate my heritage, as I’m not really much of a beer drinker, especially early in the morning.)

I managed to catch the end of The Daughter of Rosie O’Grady, though, which was Debbie Reynolds first role (as the kid sis in the film). It was a pretty good movie about Irish Americans and the pursuit of the stage.

The real St. Patrick’s Day excitement though, was that Disney Channel was playing their 2001 Ryan Merriman (of current Pretty Little Liars potential-Allison-killer fame) DCOM The Luck of the Irish.

I love The Luck of the Irish. They really don’t make DCOM’s like they used to.

In it, Kyle Johnson (Merriman) attempts to learn more about his heritage for a class project, and gets more than he bargained for when he discovers not only is his mom’s side of the family Irish, they’re actually leprechauns.

Like many DCOMs of the day, it’s kind of a silly premise, but it’s a really enjoyable film, and teaches (but does not bash-you-over-the-head) about the importance of knowing more about yourself and your family.

Plus Ryan is kind of cute. Admit it!

I hope everyone who wanted to found a way to inject a little bit o’ green into your day!

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