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There’s nothing more heartwarming than a happy ending.

And today, the world watched while William and Kate (now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge!) got married, in a gorgeous ceremony. I, like many MANY others got up to watch it live, even though coverage started at 1 AM my time (the wedding wasn’t until 3). But I stayed awake all the way until the adorable double kiss!

My parents, on the other hand, are currently in Paris and got to watch at a normal hour. They’re bringing me a William & Catherine souvenir teacup from London next week though 🙂

The Royal Wedding though! Eek!

I loved the trees inside Westminster Abbey — with the high ceilings it almost looked like they were outside for the ceremony! And the HATS. Oh, the hats — I want to buy a million different types of fascinators now. (Posh & Becks looked particularly fab, as far as guests go).

The real stunners though, were William & Catherine. William & Harry looked dashing (and William, exceedingly Fairytale Prince-like) and holy cow Catherine’s dress! She looked absolutely beautiful.

The Service

image via The British Monarchy flickr

They look SO happy!

Waving to the crowds

image via The British Monarch flickr

Catherine’s dress (designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen) definitely looks like it took some influence from Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, no?

In keeping with my TGIF theme on Fridays, and in honor of the Royal Wedding, here’s Cory & Topanga’s wedding from Boy Meets World:

Have a great Royal Wedding Day!

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This past weekend, Jeremy and I went to Griffith Park to see the Merry-Go-Round.



Got our tickets!

This is not just ANY carousel, either. It is a gorgeous, vintage, pretty gigantic, carousel. The organ that accompanies it is one of the oldest of its kind, and has one of the widest ranges of music — over 100 songs!


They're in the middle of refurbishing the ride


It’s surrounded by playgrounds, and picnic areas in a still-secluded-feeling area of the Park.


The Griffith Park Carousel is ALSO the place where Walt Disney used to take his two daughters on the weekend — and the place where he sat on a bench and dreamed up the idea for a place that had more rides, was cleaner, and that parents could enjoy too…DISNEYLAND!


I'm blinking...but the Disney bench picture HAD to be included!

I’m a huge fan of carousels in general — I love the craftsmanship that goes into a lot of the older ones, and they just have a great sense of nostalgia surrounding them. Though I’m not exactly discriminatory in my carousel-riding — whether it’s horses, giraffes, whales or dinos, if it spins in a circle and plays tinkly organ music I. AM. THERE.


A simple, classic, fun way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon!

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In lieu of a TGIF post yesterday (or any post yesterday…oops!) and since it is Easter tomorrow, I thought I would share these nostalgic videos I found of the Walt Disney World Easter Parade (back when it was a full blown parade that was broadcast on TV, and not a 10 minute pre-parade like they’ve done the past couple of years).

The quality is a little…dated, and the sound is kind of off in the first one, but Happy Easter!!

I attempted baking and went on a Disney-related adventure earlier today, so look for those sometime this coming week, as well as some potential blog maintenance updates/enhancements (maybe…) !

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