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First — today is my daddy’s birthday, so I’d like to take a brief second and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For his birthday he’s actually going golfing in Ireland, and then meeting my mom in Paris/London. They’re going to be in London mere DAYS after The Royal Wedding.

I’ve asked for a commemorative teacup. Or thimble.

Anyway, the point is that a combination of their impending trip, and this view from my balcony:

View from my Rear Window, using Hipstamatic for iPhone

Well, it’s got me in a bit of a European mood, as of late. Don’t the trees you can see just peeking over that roof remind you of Tuscany?


Under the Tuscan Sun

And this painting in my living room:

Taken with Hipstamatic for iPhone

Well, not only did my sister find it for me on a trip to Paris (thanks, Bug!) but lately it’s been conjuring up images of this:

I swoon at both the original (1954) and remake (1995) of Sabrina

Heavens knows what will happen to my condo if I watch this any more times this week, as inspiration works both ways:

Leap Year (2010) starring the simply lovely Amy Adams

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It’s true: I’m twenty-four years old today. Quite the big girl, at least I like to think so most of the time.

While being, well, OLD (relatively speaking) certainly has it’s advantages, it has definitely meant a decline in ridiuclous(ly AWESOME) theme parties. My family was/is hugely into themed birthday parties.

Like this one:


Actual photo-of-a-photo of my 6th (5th? 7th?) Birthday Party


Minnie Mouse Tea Party shenanigans

These are nothing compared to my baby sister’s birthday party one year, in which we transformed the entire basement into the Hundred Acre Woods.

I certainly knew how to party before I was old enough to party, that’s for sure.

This year, I rang in #24 by watching my favorite movie:

Tonight, the celebration will continue with a fun dinner.

Plus, one is NEVER too old for cake:

Made by yours truly

I hope everyone else has just as splendid a day as I plan on having!

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Ok, so I may be a bit behind the bandwagon here.

Especially because this short film did win an Oscar this year, and all (which is actually how I first heard of it).

Seriously, after watching this completely endearing acceptance speech, and then hearing a few rumblings from Twitter etc, I finally decided that I had to see God of Love for myself.

I’ll make a confession here: I’m not much of a live-action short film kind of person usually. I tend to be a lot more “popcorn” in my film choices (re: blockbusters and chick flicks) with some popular dramas thrown in for good measure (I LOVED The King’s Speech this year). While I’m a fairly big Francophile, that often does not extend to their films (I have seen Breathless way more times than anyone should thanks to film classes AND french classes in college). And while some short-subjects pique my interest, overall their oft-necessary abstractness (thanks, time constraints!) tend to turn me off.

Luke Matheny - director, actor & writer of God of Love

But. BUT.

God of Love really is a must-see. It’s pretty quirky, but it’s a really cute love story. I laughed out loud multiple times. I spent a lot of time wondering about his ridiculous hair. I marveled at the dart skills. I giggled at myth references. And I kicked myself in the pants for being maybe-just-a-little-bit too “meh” about the idea of short films, and therefore taking entirely too long to see this.

Especially when you can get it for only $1.99 on iTunes!

(I honest to goodness don’t know a single person involved with God of Love — I just saw it this weekend and developed an incredibly strong desire to get other people to watch it so I could gush about how cute it is.)

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