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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE the holidays. As I mentioned before I start in earnest on Thanksgiving, and chug along all through Christmas and straight into New Years.

There are numerous things I love about the holiday season — the sights, the smells, the snow, music, movies etc…and I thought this would be a good place to share my favorites this month.

First up: The Disney Christmas Parade. A longtime Christmas morning staple while opening presents and eating breakfast with the family, being so close means now I can go see the parade in person. Minus the extra characters and the fabulous celebrities and the sometimes-hokey commentary from lovely morning news anchors and/or Ryan Seacrest. But still. I LOVE this parade.

Here’s my “short” version of the parade, through pictures!


It starts off with a Clara-esque music box and giant teddy bear welcoming everyone, who are followed by…


The tin soldiers!

I love these guys…and Pluto behind them!



Mrs. Claus, reading all the letters to Santa

A very cheery elf, one of many along the parade route:



Dancing snowflakes!

Of course snowflakes lead to snow on the ground, and that leads to…


Adorable baby snowmen!

It’s not Christmas without Goofy and Max building a ginormous gingerbread house.


And then the princesses arrive! I’m a big fan of the stepsisters, who kick things off — I love their flouncy dresses.


Gepetto puts his toy-making skills to work:


The 7 dwarves are a little out of place, but they bring a really pretty gem-stone tree with them!



I love her swish-y dress.

They save the best for last though…


Santa's Reindeer!


SO cute.

And finally, the big guy himself:




Have any of you seen the parade in person? Do you watch it on Christmas morning like me?

Coming up tomorrow, in Christmas-y and TV related awesomeness — GLEE does Christmas tonight! Yay!

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Recap: To Sectionals!

I feel like Sectionals kind of came out of nowhere this year, even though it’s the right time of year for it (we do still have Regionals and Nationals, of course). It’s probably because all the episodes have been special guests or “class assignments” and not “we’re going to learn this song for SECTIONALS” like last year. Which was actually kind of good, because then we actually saw them perform their Sectionals songs at Sectionals, instead of just talking about it.

Anyway, favorite moments of “Special Education”:

*Best Song of the Night: Erm…I kind of liked them all equally this week (except for The Hipsters…old people are cute and all, but I just didn’t really like the song) Don’t Cry for Me Argentina was a GREAT Rachel/Kurt duet. I have a major soft spot for I’ve Had the Time of My Life — even though I was disappointed Sam & Quinn didn’t do the lift at the end. Valerie was fun and showcased Mike & Brittany’s amazing dance skills, so that’s a win in my book. And finally, I really liked the “Eat, Pray, Love” trailer mostly for the song that Mercedes and Tina ended the show with, so that was exciting and fun.

* Ok, so yes, I think we can all agree Rachel was absurd this episode — her jealousy at the others and her sad self-esteem can definitely be grating (though I found it more amusing than annoying in this episode), and she was in fine passive-aggressive annoyance mode this episode. However, I’m sorry but I think Mr. Shue’s outburst was a little unnecessary. The tape thing was kinda funny, Mr. Shue! And yelling at your students with that much anger behind it is rude.

* To the Rachel and Finn of it all though — seeking out Emma for couples counseling was hilarious. Especially because she was pretty bad at it. I like Emma a lot, but she isn’t really the best at “counseling” honestly. Though her advice to either sing-it-out through betrayal songs or stomp angrily out of the room were obviously gems.

* Poor poor Kurt. He gets to this magical place that is supposed to fix all the problems he had at McKinley, and he still stands out too much. No one is picking on him for being gay, but now he’s too show-y and “not enough of a team player” and no one understands his jokes about killing the bird they gave him to raise (what an odd tradition, btw…)  It was great to see him and Rachel getting along though — I really like they’re relationship when they aren’t competing with each other, since they are really similar people.

* Looking back on it, there was actually a LOT of Rachel in this episode, wasn’t there? But speaking of…of course Santana used her meltdown-y moment to declare that she actually slept with Finn last year and Finn is a big fat liar. Not really the best move there, honestly. Then, to add insult to injury Rachel finds out that everyone else in Glee club knew about (which I actually don’t remember — I didn’t think anyone knew? Maybe that happened off-screen) That doesn’t excuse her for cheating with Puck though. PUCK — learn from your mistakes BEFORE you’re halfway to making the same one again. Sheesh. Rachel and Finn were a little boring though, so I would kinda be ok if Puck and Rachel got back together. Puck is much more entertaining when he’s alternating between being an Am-badass-ador and a bizarrely sweet guy. Puckleberry forever!

* Is Lauren the wrestler going to be a Gleek for the rest of the season now? Her demands were pretty hilarious, but since she thinks Glee is stupid, I doubt we’re going to actually hear her sing much…and I think she’s kind of better just popping in and out vs. a constant presence on Glee. Plus, as much as I love Dalton-ified Kurt, it’s really only a matter of time before he hightails it back to McKinley. Right?

*Is anyone else getting sick of Mr. Shue? I feel like I’m beating a dead horse by bringing it up for yet another week, but he is so squirrel-y and mean this season! I mean clearly he only invited Emma to Sectionals so he could sit with her, since she’s had basically zero interaction with the kids lately (even Rocky Horror, it was Carl with them, not her). And then after he yelled at Rachel and everyone else about having a positive attitude, he was the only one not cheering on Dalton’s Warblers! Even Rachel was being adorable and super nice to Kurt — who looked really super nervous by the way.

* That said, her marriage DID come out of nowhere (and I really would have LOVED to have Carl show up here) I also would have loved a quick flashback to the wedding, where perhaps we see Uncle Jesse in all of his Elvis-loving Vegas Wedding splendor? Didn’t he almost run away with Aunt Becky for an Elvis-y Vegas Wedding in Full House too? (Or was that Kimmy Gibler?…) I really have trouble distancing myself from the Uncle-Jessie-ness of it all (sorry, John Stamos!)

*I wish they were highlighting Tina and Mike’s relationship (other than their Asian-ness) the way they are evolving Artie and Brittany because I’m really really liking A&B lately. What was so Asian about that kiss, anyways? Seriously, there was NOTHING DIFFERENT Mr. Abs. Ridiculous. Artie is being much less of a jerk though! And the whole comb thing was hilarious — I love how he knew that Brittany would totally buy into that, and that it would get her to stop being paralyzed by fear about being showcased as Sectionals

*Best Brittany Quips: “I haven’t left since 2nd period…and I really need to pee” is a close second to “You let me brush my hair with that” (Re: the “Magic” comb that Artie actually just found on the ground and was about to throw away). And I almost forgot that she thought “adultery” meant “a dolt”, but the comb comment still wins.

Is anyone else annoyed that the competition ended in a TIE? They totally wouldn’t do that! I’m glad it keeps Blaine around, but still… Anyway, it doesn’t even matter because next week is THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE, hurray! I’ve already had the Christmas album for at least a week, so I will be fully prepared to turn my viewing into a sing-a-long 🙂

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Recap: A Very Glee Wedding

Not one, but TWO weddings on Glee this week! And a Carol Burnett sighting! So many great things I’m just going to get right to it:

Favorite Moments of Furt

*Best Song of the Night: Marry You — The Youtube Wedding “Forever” video has been parodied on TV before (oh hi, The Office) but this was a REALLY great take on it. Everyone was all couple-y and adorable! And honestly, no one was cuter than Burt and Carol!

*Carol Burnett was hilarious as Sue’s Nazi Hunter mom. “Good news, Sue: We finally caught the last Nazi!” bahaha. Also, it was interesting as always to learn about Sue’s crazy past and see why she’s such a bully — she was basically abandoned with a mentally disabled sister, and when her mom was around she was a huge jerk. I like how the show gives us these moments of understanding, but doesn’t use them to soften the character — Sue is the same old Sue, we just understand her better. I also am just a huge fan of Carol Burnett, so this was a really fun cameo.

*Speaking of Sue’s wedding to herself — what a great funny/kinda sad moment. Also, that dress! A track suit dress, everyone. Amazing on so many levels.

* Burt and Carol’s wedding was so great too — it kinda seemed to be way more about their kids than them, but I guess that’s sorta understandable when you have teenagers and are getting married for a second time? It was sweet, nonetheless. I love that they bombarded Finn and Kurt at school to tell them, and that Kurt immediately commandeered the planning.

* Sam & Quinn are incredibly adorable…that said I would freak out like Quinn did, too, if Sam got down on one knee and tried to give her a promise ring when they weren’t even officially dating. Yikes. It’s not like she wants to be “that girl who’s practically married” immediately following her year as the pregnant cheerleader. It was cute that she broke into his locker to get the ring at the end though.

*Kurt. SO much Kurt stuff going on this episode. Again, I love Mike O’Malley to death — I literally gasped when he found out from Finn about Karofsky and ran into the hallways and shoved Karofksy into the wall. Karofsky seriously freaks me out whenever he gets in Kurt’s face — that moment where he stole the wedding topper from Kurt was really disturbing. This is such a well-executed storyline (even if it has made Glee a little overly-Kurt-centric lately)

*Even better was that this week, the Glee kids FINALLY come to Kurt’s defense — first the girls (thanks to Rachel) gather together to figure out how to be the most effective. They decide that a little muscle never hurt (maybe not the best plan…) but get all of the guys to help out — except for Finn who starts out the episode being kind of a scared little jerk. And Puck, because he can’t risk getting sent back to Juvey.

*Somewhat surprisingly, Kurt’s bullying brought out the defensive from (Principal) Sue. She met with Kurt and his parents multiple times, and even offered to start calling Kurt “Porcelain” after he balked at “Lady” as a nickname. Finally, she stepped down from her role as Principal so that she could keep a better eye on the hallways, since expelling Karofsky didn’t work (I felt SO bad for his dad, by the way) and he’ll be back to terrorizing McKinley soon.

*That led to the biggest shock of the episode, in that Kurt’s parents are using their honeymoon money so he can defect to Dalton Academy with Blaine. It’ll be interesting to see where that leads — he can’t possibly stay to compete against the New Directions, can he?

*And, the Brittany quip of the week (To Tina) “When you guys fooled around, did he ever just lie there?” So bad…but so funny.

Next week (*edit…last night. Sorry!) Glee is going to SECTIONALS!

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