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One summer, a few years back, I was the QUEEN of midnight events. It was 2007, and I was running amuck on the Disney College Program with a group of like-minded friends. We all had basically the same work schedule (thank you, Animal Kingdom, for closing early due to the fact that animals need sleep) and there were a LOT of blockbusters coming out that summer — starting with Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and going all the way to August with probably Hairspray, if I remember correctly. We went to an absurd number of midnight screenings, probably the most I’ve ever been to in such a short amount of time.

My friend Jennifer and I also went to a midnight release of a little book called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You may have heard of it, being the last in an epically popular franchise by a Ms. JK Rowling that spawned an equally popular movie franchise.

This little intro is to say that I’m suffering from severe lack of sleep right now, as I insisted on going with Jeremy to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night.

I partially wanted to go to see if I was still in the same fighting shape I was that summer with all of the midnight-screenings-with-work-the-next-morning. Answer? I’m not. Curse grown-up big girl schedules!

I also just LOVE midnight screenings — the energy of them, being in a room with a ton of people who really really want to be there is so much more fun and engrossing than watching it any other time. Plus, like most other people my age, I grew up with Harry Potter — started reading the books at 11/12, have seen every movie. It’s sort of a rite of passage at this point to make the pilgrimage to the Harry Potter Midnight Event.

Still, I was somehow unprepared for the fandom at the screening I attended. We showed up two whole hours early, and the theater was already open with the only seats available in the very first two rows! Needless to say my neck isn’t holding up so well today…

In an amusing turn of events before the movie started, a cluster of movie goers (in full Harry Potter universe costumes) started acting out scenes from the books/making up dramatic fight scenes between Harry, Hermione, Draco and Bellatrix — and by acting out, I mean full-on running around the theater shouting curses and acting out dramatic wand snatchings and death scenes. I will have to say that was a FIRST for any midnight showing I’ve ever been to. It definitely helped pass the time!

The main event though, was the movie itself — thoughts below the break, just in case anyone is only watching the movies, or hasn’t read or seen any of it or doesn’t want any kind of spoiler (like where the split takes place for movies 1 and 2)



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A week ago (well, almost two weeks ago Saturday now…oops) one of my very best friends Erin got married, and I was able to not only fly down to Texas to see it, but I got to actually be IN the wedding too, and spend lots of time (though never enough!) with Erin and her absolutely wonderful now-husband Mike.

I flew in Friday early afternoon, and of COURSE got to spend over an hour trying to get a rental car, because that kind of thing just happens when you’re trying to fly into Houston and drive over an hour away to get to a rehearsal dinner on time! Luckily I had a large enough window for it not to be a problem though, and I actually got to the hotel just as Erin was coming by to check into the bridesmaid rooms with my other friend Emily, and Erin’s really great friend from high school, Daisy.

Emily drove Jeremy and I to the rehearsal & dinner, where we passed this along the way:

Oh, hello giant fire hydrant

The rehearsal was great! and the church is SO beautiful — one of only a very few basilicas in the entire United States.

Emily made Erin’s practice bouquet for the rehearsal, with some key touches like A&M colored ribbons, and a reference to our favorite past boss:

Spot the Hidden Mickey!

The rehearsal dinner was at Bistro Lemonde, in Beaumont. So chic! And great food. We pushed together some of the tables to make epically long ones capable of fitting the whole wedding party plus some extras. It was also ideal for fork pyramid making, as Jeremy and Aiden (Erin’s 3 year old cousin) could attest.


ANKOLE CATTLE for all you Safari Drivers out there

The next day, all the bridesmaids gathered at the hotel to put on makeup and get dressed. I MAY have walked down the hall in my pjs, and continue to bum around in them until it was time to actually put on our super awesome bridesmaid dressed (with POCKETS!)

After we were dressed, we then hopped in the limo (!!) to go to the church so that Erin (the lovely bride) could dressed. There are a lot of photos of her getting into the dress and the shoes and all of that — just like Cinderella if she had her mom, aunts and bridesmaids to help her instead of little birds πŸ˜‰ But here is Erin and Mike in their gorgeous gown/dapper suit in the BEAUTIFUL church:

the wedding party

Then the crazy/possibly buzzed limo driver took the girls and the newlyweds Mr. and MRS Williamson (!) over to a pretty, old-fashioned feeling country club for the reception. It fit beautifully with the 50s/Frank Sinatra-esque theme of the wedding. I’d like to think this photo below where the flash messed up also fits the theme, because it looks really retro!

There was a big Texas A&M ice sculpture with the grooms’ cakes for Mike, and Erin had this great Cinderella’s carriage ice sculpture at the buffet as well. I loved the elegance mixed with the fact that we Disney kids will always find a way to fit in our Disney-ness (tastefully) at every occasion, dangit! πŸ˜‰

After a bit of mingling and the first dances it was time to cut the cake! The topper was a curlicue ‘W’ and the actual cake was strawberry, yum!

Aside from general wedding celebration merriment, there were also a few mini reunions of the aforementioned Disney kids, which was a welcome bonus to the day. My roommate from the program, Jenny, was there and it was great to catch up!

Me, with "Peaches and Cream" as they somehow came to be known for part of the CP πŸ™‚

After more munching, talking and dancing, it was time to see off the happy couple, as they travelled to Houston for the night and then onto HAWAII for the honeymoon.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Williamson!!

They’ve since returned from the honeymoon, and I’m told that they had a SPLENDID time!


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OMG everyone, the awesomeness of last night was almost too much for me. I have never understood the Gwyneth hate, really — I kind of love her (blame Shakespeare in Love). So between Gwyneth and the tribute to one of my absolute favorite classic films of all time Singing in the Rain, I was sold on this episode before I even saw it. It did not disappoint!

Favorite Moments of “Singing in the Rain”:

* Best Song of the Night: I think “Forget You” was the Β most overall fun — Gwyneth was so happy! And everyone was having so much fun! That said…I LOVE Make ‘Em Laugh. It’s one of my favorite moments of Singing in the Rain. And then there was the Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mashup. It was a little wonky/uneven in the blending of the two songs, but the choreography was so.freaking.cool that it has to be up there as well. 3 way tie this week?

* I laughed so hard when Holly Holiday (Are you a porn star or a drag queen?) turned to Rachel and just yelled in her face “Rachel you suck!” Seriously, I cannot get over how good Gwyneth was in this weeks episode! I hope people get the monkey flu pox all the time now!

* I loved seeing all the mini-Gleeks when Mr Shue was hallucinating! Beyond adorable.

* I don’t quite understand Mercedes obsession with tater tots, but it did lead to some pretty funny things so I’ll forgive it. Maybe it was a reference to Napoleon Dynamite (also known as that movie I really hate from the early 00s?) Dunno, but we got a funny Norma Rae reference out of it, a reason for Principal Sue (!!!) to wreak further havoc on the school, and the chance to see what an all foam diet would look like…ew.

* It also led to the best Sue and Brittany quotes of the night!

Sue (holding broccoli): When I showed this to Brittany earlier she started to whimper because she thought I had cut down a small tree where Gummi Bears live.

This quote is AWESOME, because The Gummi Bears was my absolute favorite childhood cartoon about gummy bears who lived in a tree and had magical juice powers:

Brittany (re: tots): They look like deep-fried deer poop.

* There has been a lot of Breadstix visits lately. This is not a criticism, just an observation. I felt kinda bad that Kurt is so blatantly ignoring Mercedes now that he has Blaine (and being a little condescending and annoying, honestly). BUT because of that we got “gay gay gay gay gay *tiny purse falls out of Kurt’s mouth* gay gay gay” sooooo I’m ok with it. For now, anyway. Gosh teenagers can be jerks!

*Terri the Terror is back, let’s all rejoice! I know I say this every time she’s on screen, but I freaking love Terri. I actually feel a little bad that she’s trying, with the medication and therapy, and that Will is still SO awful to her. Granted, she pulled the whole “fake baby” thing. But still. I hope her run in with Holly Holiday brings her around more.

* Holly teaching all the kids spanish by discussing Lindsay Lohan’s rehab visits. Ha! Also: Mary. Todd. Lincoln. I’m so glad she can pop up any ol’ time they can hire Gwyneth since she’s the resident McKinley sub.

Next week, it seems like things get pretty dramatic again on Glee…and it looks like there are TWO weddings!


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