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Welcome to Part II of the Grand Wailea Resort Luau! Once we ate (Part I) and the sun started to set it was time to get down to business:




There were a couple of pre-show dances, and then after the procession (above) an older woman came out and started telling various stories of Maui, which would then be performed through a luau dance. There was a pretty big mix of all-female, all-male and mixed stories/dances, which were all really entertaining.

The women had a lot of flashy clothing:


swish, swish


A story about the ocean

While the men often told of war or travel:


Not to say it was all like that. Take this story of protection/battle (I’m pretty sure).  I love the uber-intense look of this girl:


Then things got a little… “South Pacific”:


Sailor Hat!

And towards the end, we finally got the the FLAME THROWER, YES!


What started as this...


...ended up as THIS!

After the Luau, we explored the Grand Wailea Resort a little. It was definitely nice, but apparently very, very crowded, so I’m glad we were back at our slightly smaller hotel with way better pool access. It had a much different style than our hotel as well — less laid-back polynesian, way more Grand Floridian.


Apologies if some of the pictures are a little on the blurrier side — I’m a bit of a staunch anti-flash user, to the the point of ridiculousness sometimes, but I didn’t want to blow out the fantastic colors of the fire/luau costumes or the details of the background, so there’s a bit of a balance there.

On the bright side, I’m going to dump a TON of video of the luau in the next Adventures in Maui post, so you won’t really have as much of a “blur” issue.

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Confessions of a TV Addict

In lieu of some photo/video heavy posts (more from my Adventures in Maui: Luau and snorkeling additions, some bittersweet end to GREEK posts, and a meetup with an old Disney friend!) here’s a confession:

I’m addicted to entertainment. Specifically film and tv, hence why I now work in LA. Even more specifically though, all through college my dorm friends and sorority sisters called me a “Walking TV Guide” because I knew so much about fall/spring premiere dates, what shows were on when, and how to successfully manage the viewing schedules of a 40+ person house when 3 things were on at 8 on a Monday, but we could only DVR 2.

That’s the long way of saying the majority of the network fall premiere schedule has been released, and this is what I’ll be watching:

* ( ) are maybes, depending on how much I get sucked in even though I don’t want to (cough CW shows cough) or new shows I’m not sure of yet.
* Being part of the entertainment industry, we often get the chance to view pilots before they air (normally in May/June) so the new shows (bold) I’ve listed are ones that I’ve had the opportunity to watch, and liked, and want to see more of.

8 PM: (90210 — 9/13); How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM!!) — 9/20
9 PM: Gossip Girl (most likely…I kind of ebb in and out on this one) — 9/20
930 PM: Mike + Molly — 9/20 (this was cuter that the premise of two people meeting at Overeaters Anoynmous makes it sound) 10 PM: Castle — 9/20; Hawaii 5-0 (very fun show) — 9/20

8 PM: (One Tree Hill…leave me alone! — 9/14); GLEE (!!) — 9/21
9 PM: Life Unexpected –9/14; No Ordinary Family (looks promising, don’t let the very bizarre marketing campaign on ABC’s part fool you) — 9/28
930 PM: (Running Wilde…love Keri Russell, but on the fence) — 9/21

8 PM: (Undercovers…great pilot, not sure if I can handle another show though so this would probably be an early one to go) — 9/22
830 PM: Better With You (One of my favorite/most-excited-for new comedies. Joanna Garcia is great) — 9/22
9 PM: Hellcats (kinda like a slightly grittier Bring It On) — 9/8; Modern Family — 9/22
930 PM: Cougar Town (again…no judgements) — 9/22

8 PM: Vampire Diaries — 9/9; Big Bang Theory — 9/23
9 PM: Grey’s Anatomy (I’ll be on this ship til it sinks) — 9/23
10 PM: Private Practice (this ship too) — 9/23

…and on Sundays if I’m bored, I might watch Desperate Housewives or Brothers + Sisters (both return 9/26).

This doesn’t even take into account cable programming/shows starting in a weird season/general mid-season shows and I’m already at 20+ shows (if I watched everything on this list all the time). As you can see, I’m pretty addicted to the CW and ABC, as far as networks go, though I am a sucker for CBS sitcoms.

As far as new shows go, I’m particularly excited about aforementioned Better With You, Hawaii 5-0 and Hellcats. For old, I’m hoping Glee can live up to it’s continued hype, and I’m honestly really interested to see where the super-suspenseful, scared-the-crap-out-of-me Grey’s finale goes this fall. Good thing this all counts as “career research” now right? …Right?

And I wonder where my time goes sometimes…Happy Friday!

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Alooooha! We’re FINALLY here. After some much needed hula lessons, and some other posts about my family vacation to Hawaii, we’re moving on in the most long-winded recounting of a week-long vacation (read the rest here) to the super awesome LUAU — in THREE parts!

Part I – the introduction to the gorgeous Grand Wailea Resort, some surroundings and the unveiling of the pig (mmm, dinner).


Welcome to the Grand Wailea!


Ready for food and fun

It was a GORGEOUS day.
Pre-dinner and show, there were a lot of booths next to the bar with a lot of handmade island goods. Including TIKIS! We got one later that night from this guy:

DSC_0851.JPGSince we had wristbands that got us in early, we were hanging out for a long time before the rest of the audience got drinks and got seated. Once that happened though, it was time to dig up the pig!! (Beware — piggy guts pictures ahead!)


Buried pretty deep...

I wish I could insert smell-o-vision into this post so you could smell the intense, hazy, wood-piggy smell that erupted from the ground as they were digging up and uncovering the pig. Holy moly! So yummy.


Finally all unwrapped


Getting carried over to the buffet. Like Cleopatra...but food.

And, because I’ve been a little video-happy lately, and actually remembered to record things on vacation (just wait til I get to the SHOW part of the luau), here’s a video of the full piggy unveiling:

Happy Friday!

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