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The more I see about Disney’s upcoming animated feature Tangled the more excited I get.

The trailer may seem a little on the boy-ish side, but it certainly looks fun! And I love Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore!!) swinging from the tree by her hair shouting “BEST.DAY.EVEERRR!”

Then, I had lunch one day over at Walt Disney Feature Animation (well, actually the commissary in the ABC building) and got a quick tour before leaving. Even hints that you have a camera are not allowed in that building, but WOW! there was some cool Tangled artwork around in the main corridors. Which must mean the things behind the “no entry beyond this sign without producer approval” sign must really be exciting.

Actually, while I was there, I also saw: someone working on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie while watching soccer in the lounge, more cool Pooh art, the office where John Lassiter sits (!!!), and…

GLEN KEANE. He’s the directing animator of Tangled, but he also created Ariel and animated the Beast and Aladdin (among many other things). If it wasn’t just a random run-in at the security desk, I would’ve said hi, but I felt like the situation made me seem too much like a squealing fan.

Anyway, back to Tangled. A new featurette is what really got me excited about this film — it seems to really be blending the best of traditional 2D fairytale worlds (ie: Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella) with the more modernish look of CGI and a more modern humor.

See for yourself why I’m super hyped for Tangled, and can’t wait for November!

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Welcome to “Day 1” of my Maui adventures.

We spent an inordinately long time getting a rental car at the Maui airport — lines were very long. After finally getting to the hotel in Wailea (we stayed at the Mariott…and I have plenty of pictures of that place later!), we started checking in just in time for it to start raining. When Katie the receptionist had sworn to my mom just a few days before that it definitely would not rain while we were there.


Luckily we weren’t planning on going to the beach after arriving anyway (it was 3-4 PM at this point), and by the time we got to our room it had already pretty much stopped.

What we DID do that evening was drive over to Lahaina, the “Royal Capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom” back in the day, if anyone is interested. It was also an important whaling town, also back in the day, which is evident in the vast number of quaint shops featuring old pieces of whaling boats in the decor, or selling scrimshaw (carved, decorated whale bone).
We headed to Front Street, which is the “main drag” in Lahaina.


My sister in front of the Wo Hing Museum on Front St.


Jen and I, wearing excellently parfum-y lei's

We window shopped, headed into Crazy Shirts (a family favorite), and found a great place to eat dinner right on the water (at sunset!). The Lahaina Fish Co. had great mahi mahi, and calamari.



View from our table


Also view from our table

Not a Double Rainbow, but still very pretty 🙂

There were a lot of cool things going on, and it was a great start to our trip in Hawaii.

Coming up: Pool Time, Hotel Pics, Snorkeling (once I get under water pics developed and scanned), and a Luau!

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I’m baaaaack. And tan! No, seriously, I actually got some brown color, and the brown overpowers the red. There actually isn’t even any red that’s noticeable anymore!

It’s a miracle, really.

Back in the office...but tan! Woo!

I’d never been to Hawaii before — the last time my parents went was when my sister (now 18) was about 6 months old. It was a fantastic week, and I’m going to talk about it/share pictures in the next week or so (I was gone for a week…I have LOTS of pictures!) in a series of posts entitled Adventures in Maui (hence this title…) in a roughly chronological order. This is just an intro because I didn’t want to bombarde anyone right off the bat with a gazillion pictures.

A picture to kick us off, though:

More to come soon! Aloooooha!

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