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I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. I knew going in that they were dealing with that whole signal-killing-death-grip-thing but I also heard that updating my iPhone 3G to ios4 could kill it, and that reception in my place was so awful I was willing to chance it if there was a hope of fewer dropped calls.

A few days in and there are definitely less dropped calls! And I can’t even figure out how to execute the death grip that kills reception. I’ve been trying. Also — anyone up for some FaceTime fun? Anyone? Bueller?

I can change the background behind my apps too, which is neat. It’s currently this:

I’ve only gotten 2 new apps with the new phone — the iBooks iPhone app so I can sync my iBooks from my iPad, and iMovie.

I’m still figuring out how it works, but it’s a pretty simple process from what I can tell. I wish there was more freedom in where you could put text boxes (over an entire clip is kind of annoying) and but other than that it’s a really fun way to make quick videos from your phone look a little snazzier. Uploading them straight from your iPhone to youtube doesn’t keep them in HD quality (I believe the file is too big?) but quality is still good. I might try syncing to my computer later just to see the difference.

Here are two examples I made with clips of shows I saw with Ryan, Alex and Beth at Disneyland this weekend:

Summer Nightastic fireworks show “Magical”


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A pleasant surprise this weekend, I ended up in Disneyland on Saturday to see some of my very favorite people. I believe I’ve said this before, but living in California has been a blessing versus NC — as a bigger tourist destination there is a higher likely hood people I know will be stopping through and I can stalk them until they hang out with me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kidding aside though, it’d been about 6 months since I’d seen Ryan and Alex, and a whole three years since I’d seen Beth. THREE YEARS since the end of my Disney College Program, since all the friends I made there went back to living nowhere close to each other (except the lucky ducks in Florida). You know what’s great about these people I met at the best summer-camp-that-was-actually-a-paid-internship? It can be 6 weeks, or 6 months or 3 freaking years, and we all easily slip back into catching up and goofing off like we did back then. Ryan still insists on 27 hour days if we’re in the parks (not that anyone really complains…), and we just have fun whether it’s an all day event or a quick meal between trips.

February 2007, on our program!

Spring Break 2008 - Kellie's 21st ๐Ÿ˜‰

Break room time (Tracy, Erin, Alexis, Max, Marva, Me) - 2007

Houston, January 2008

Successfully watched all 4th of July fireworks in 1 night - 2007

Erin visiting LA, while Max lived here with me too! - 2009

TIGGER! - 2007

Laguna Beach with Tracy - 2009

My "Ohana" - 2007

Space Mountain (Beth, Me, Alex, Ryan) - Last week (2010)

I know I posted about this when I saw Matt a couple of weeks ago, but reunions make me so smiley that I had to expand upon that post with this one full of nostalgic pictures. I’ve been told next time it’s MY turn to go see people, so hopefully I can get on that soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

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My favorite newbie in TS3 - Trixie!

Last week, I had the immense pleasure of seeing Toy Story 3. Let me just say — yes, you have seen the reviews about how “OMG AMAZING GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW” this movie is. Yes, it seems like they are being a little over the top.

No they are not being over the top.

This is by far one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time — I think it’s partially due to the fun action, hilarious dialogue and really tight story. It’s also because we’ve grown up with Woody, Buzz and the gang and that simple fact makes all of the emotional beats of the movie hit that much harder. I’ve seen the movies multiple times over the years (including the really fun double feature they had in theaters last summer) and this really was the perfect way to end the saga ย of Andy’s toys. To say I cried a ton a little bit (especially the end!) is probably the biggest understatement I’m making in this post. My sister even cried, and she’s normally the one making of me for crying in movies.

The movie starts off with an action packed opening, that many others have likened to Indiana Jones and they are completely right. It’s such a fun sequence, and really brings you right into the world. As the previews show, they end up at a daycare center, and prison break-esque action ensues. We meet a ton of new toys (“New toys!!”) and we learn about being true friends, and growing up. I truly cannot recommend this movie more, to anyone of any age.

After the jump, some of my favorite moments (only click through if you’ve already seen the movie or if you don’t mind spoilers big and small) (more…)

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