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This past Thursday, I donned orange and green (coincidentally – I just wanted to wear a new dress, and I still had my UNC class ring on haha) and spent the evening as a guest at the University of Miami Communications-school-sponsored Canes Film Showcase. They were at a screening room on the Paramount Studios lot, and had a reception immediately following in the lobby. Originally many, many student films were screened back in Miami, with the best 6 premiering at the LA event. Student film screenings have not normally been something I seek out on my own, but I really enjoyed all the films they played, and the food at the reception was exceptionally delicious. Definitely a fun evening all around.

I wanted to embed my favorite of the evening “Out of My Head” and then have links to the others that screened…but vimeo won’t let me do that. So links for all 6 videos are below if anyone wants to check them out!

Out of My Head (Such a unique, hilarious concept)

Kaliedecorp (Love the retro feel in this one)

Resolved (Really moving, interesting piece. I didn’t even mind that it was in Russian) (Don’t worry, there are subtitles. I don’t speak Russian either)

Halfway (Warning! Scary movie alert. Anyone else get an ET vibe in the family dynamics? Or is that just me?)

Breakaway Street (Great look and performances. Adorable little boy.)

Wake Up Call (Great quality. Interesting topic. Not entirely sure I got it.)

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Reunited and it feeeels soooo gooood.

Quick(ish) intro story: The Walt Disney Company uses more acronyms, in all aspects of their work (at least in the theme park sector) than anyone I’ve ever seen, ever. A “CP” is the affectionate (mostly) Disney-slang term for a member of the Disney College Program. Which I was way back in the spring of 2007, at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The ride is enormous, and needs a really large staff so we had a TON of CPs.

All of us had very similar schedules, because Animal Kingdom is never open super late due to the sleeping habits of our lions and elephants and zebras. Therefore all 40+ of us there throughout the months of January to August pretty much became best friends. Seriously. Best. Friends. According to some of the full time Cast Members (aka employees) we were basically freaks of nature for hanging out together in ginormous groups all the time. Who wants to hang out with the people you work with 24/7?! We did, apparently. A lot of us still talk on a semi-regular basis, from across the country, three whole years later. Like I said, freaks of nature.

This post’s title comes from the fact that I took 5bajillion photos on my program, and I’d call the albums silly things like “CPs at the Parks: Vol 1-12” and “CPs Blast Off! A Kennedy Space Center Adventure” based on whatever we were doing those days. Like my own brand of ridiculously cheesy children’s books. So that’s that.

ANYWHO. That whole thing was all to say that my CP friend Matt and some of his friends came to LA this past week and last Sunday I met up with them for dinner at Downtown Disney. I hadn’t seen Matt since I left the internship almost 3 years ago so it was great to catch up!

We talked about his recent graduation…

The grad... Disney-style of course

And LA, and what I’ve been up to, and how Matt will be back at Disney World on a Professional Internship (!!!) in his first step at being full time with the company and doing lots of awesome things …and then transferring to headquarters out here in LA so I have more Disney friends to play with on a regular basis.

Matt & I at dinner. I ❤ Disney Reunions!

We had dinner with his cousin and friends at La Brea Bakery (great mini sliders. delicious.), and explored Downtown Disney until they went to see Shrek 4, and I headed home to bawl my eyes out during the LOST finale. Good times.

Can’t wait for more reunions to head my way 🙂

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I love GaGa, but I don’t LOVE GaGa, so while I was very excited (as I am every week) I was not necessarily SUPER EXCITED OMG for “Theatricality”. I’m glad it wasn’t another solid-celeb-guest-song hour like the Madonna one, simply because I’m really hoping that doesn’t become an over-used gimmick in the show now that everyone wants their music featured on Glee.

Still — I feel like I say this, oh about every week, but it was possibly my favorite episode. Kurt’s Dad/Mike O’Malley was great, as was Idina Menzel, Tina, Kurt and Puck. And everyone else except for Jesse St. James who was sadly (and weirdly) MIA this week. Does Vocal Adrenaline get two spring breaks or something (even though we saw the rest of the enemy team in rehearsal)? Some kind of special convention? Where was he?! Sue was also MIA (as were Emma and crazy Teri actually) but it was more understandable because she isn’t a member of their Glee club.

Favorite Moments of “Theatricality”:

* Kurt’s Dad/Mike O’Malley/Burt has the best, most emotional scenes of this whole show. I really, really like how they’re exploring his relationship with Kurt, and with Finn, and how Kurt and Finn also relate to each other. And holy cow that was an intense/awesome smack down of Finn’s horrible lashing out against Kurt. I’m glad that even though Kurt’s Dad struggles with how openly gay Kurt is that he still always has his back. And come on Finn – he had a privacy curtain! He was being thoughtful! (If that part wasn’t getting so intense, I would’ve laughed a lot). I was mildly concerned when Kurt’s Dad was going to kick Finn out though — where are all these kicked out kids going to live? He can’t go live with Puck like Quinn now…that’d be awkward. I’m thinking now that he stood up for Kurt at the end (in a hilariously awesome “shower curtain” GaGa dress) that he won’t actually be booted.

* Best song of the night: I’m leaning towards “Bad Romance”, simply because I loved the accompanying choreography and the wide range of outfits made my the New Direction-ers. Nice job Quinn, finding the GaGa outfit that eliminates the need for them to show the baby bump this episode — we can all just pretend you still look pregnant this week. Honestly I was too distracted by the hot pink feather eyelashes to notice anyway. Everyone in general looked fantastic though (at least once Rachel got her mom to make her a new outfit) and Brittany in the Lobster headgear…hilarious.

* Very close second Best Song of the Night: “Beth” because Puck really knows how to win over his girl through song (this would be the third time he’s done this, for those keeping score at home, and it works for me, and them every time). I just really like how much effort Puck puts into actually trying to care about Quinn and the baby. Granted, it only sometimes works as he is easily distracted from being the good guy, but still — A for effort! I also love how totally clueless the boys are about normal baby names. First we  had “Drizzle” courtesy of Finn, and now Puck wants to name his daughter Jack Daniels. At least he changed it to Jackie when Quinn called him out on it? Actually, at least he came to his freaking senses and decided on Beth instead. Do you think Quinn will actually give up her baby, when the time comes? I’m assuming probably, because babies are TV-show-death, and it’s way too soon in Glee’s run for that. I’m also assuming that scene will make me cry, because I’m a sap. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if she doesn’t though.

* I looooove Idina Menzel’s Shelby, and Rachel. Their awkward getting-to-know-each-others this week were great, and I love that Rachel got her love of Streisand and gold stars from her mom. I could listen to both of them singing all day, so their duet on Poker Face was really fun, even though slowing that song down so much makes some of the lyrics very bizarre. I’m a little confused as to how back and forth Shelby was about meeting Rachel though. Yes, she can’t have kids anymore, so that was a driving force in finding Rachel. I also get that after actually confronted with the realization of having a teen daughter she’s spooked, but the way they’re leaving it, with the expectation that we won’t be getting any more interaction between them is a little depressing/disappointing. I hope they decide to bring that more into play later on, and that this was just to prepare us for not a lot of mother-daughter-ness in the final two episodes of the season, with Regionals and Quinn’s baby taking precedence.

* Tina cracked me up this episode. As quick as her moments were, at least we had a storyline actually about her for once. I’m not surprised that Principal Figgins is actually terrified of vampires, and therefore banned Tina’s wardrobe. Even better that Tina finally decided to win her wardrobe-independence back by scaring the crap out of him with tales of her Vampire King father and the fact that “Asian vampires are the worst of them all!”

Also while I do actually watch Twilight (and read the books. Guilty.), Tina’s quip “My parents won’t even let me watch Twilight. My mom says she thinks Kristin Stewart seems like a bitch” was hilarious and amazing.

* “And we have a jumper” — Kurt, about Rachel’s sad GaGa Kermit Dress imitation, with stuffed animals falling off because her dads can’t sew.

* Rachel grabbing their piano player out of the wings to duet with Shelby “because he just hangs around us a lot”

*Finn: “We live in Ohio, not New York… or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren’t fried.”

* Brittany’s Quips: “You look terrible. I look awesome.”

Kurt: She changes her look faster than Britt changes sexual partners.
Brittany: It’s true

Next week it looks like we see an increase in New Directions/Vocal Adrenaline rivalry, as Jesse St. James seems to have gone back to the dark side. NOOOOOOO!

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